Milmeq New Zealand Acquisition Strengthens Wiley Capability

In late February Wiley New Zealand completed its acquisition of the primary food processing design and engineering consultancy team from Milmeq, New Zealand. The acquisition sees the further establishment of Wiley’s services in the country and their first permanent presence within New Zealand.

Wiley has long enjoyed a collaborative relationship with Milmeq and the new team will provide a valuable addition in servicing the group’s clients globally. The specialised nature of the team’s activities positions them at the forefront of global design in processing facilities with a global support team from which to draw knowledge and experience. The local team are based in Dunedin which has become home for Wiley New Zealand operations.

Wiley’s Brandon Miller said; “We are excited to bring the Milmeq team and their wealth of experience on board. The acquisition strengthens our existing Wiley New Zealand operations and our ability to service our clients globally.

Dunedin represents a great synthesis of trained engineering and design capability combined with strong links to R&D through the University of Otago. With strong technology infrastructure, access to international flights, and the ability to collaborate with other technology providers Dunedin is attractive in a world that is increasingly more connected.”

“We continue to see opportunities throughout New Zealand and the broader Australasian arena. We are visiting both Wiley and Milmeq clients to ensure continuity of service and support across the food industry. We are also looking forward to becoming further integrated into the New Zealand food landscape and developing strong relationships across industry” Miller said.

Milmeq’s and Wiley’s clients can remain assured the entire Wiley team are here to provide continuity of support to them and the broader industry. All existing project contracts will be completed by Milmeq Limited and new contracts will be transitioned to Wiley in Australia and New Zealand.