Spotlight on Safety for National Safe Work Month

Mates in Construction on site

Safe Work Australia estimates that over 110,000 Australians are seriously injured each year, and in 2021 to date, 89 workers have died.

October is National Safe Work Month. The month provides an opportunity to place a focus on safety in the workplace and honour those who have lost their lives at work this year.

As a project delivery company, Wiley is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our people, clients, contractors and visitors – whether on site or in our offices across Australia and New Zealand. Construction is the second highest industry for both injuries and fatalities, with tradies and labourers accounting for over a third of all serious claims, so we recognise that we have a critical role to play in keeping our workers safe.

Beyond the devastating loss of life, the cost of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy is $61.8 billion. Seriously injured workers require more time off than they did a decade ago, losing on average 6.2 weeks each. And it’s not just physical injuries; $480 million is paid each year in workers’ compensation for work-related mental disorders.

Last week on site, Wiley was proud to host Mates in Construction for a BBQ on site at Mango Hill State School. Since 2008, Mates in Construction have been providing critical mental health and suicide prevention services to workers in the construction, mining and energy sectors.

Wiley CEO Robert Barron says that safety is more than a value to our business – it’s core to each and every project we deliver.

“Our business is our people and those we work with. People’s physical and mental safety is our highest priority, so that everyone goes home to their families at the end of the day,” he says.

“I never want to make a call to tell someone their loved one is injured or worse. I never want to receive a call that my loved ones are injured or worse. And I never want my family to receive a call that I am injured or worse.”

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we all have a part to play in ensuring it’s never an afterthought,” shared Mr. Barron.

In honour of National Safe Work Month, consider what it is that you stay safe for. Learn more about Wiley’s response to safety on our culture site HERE