Wiley Volunteer To Keep Australia’s Largest Charity Kitchen Safe

Over the weekend a bunch of Wiley employees volunteered at Australia’s largest charity kitchen to install STOMMPY bollards and safety protection equipment. The safety protection equipment will go a long way to keeping the hundreds of volunteers safe in the facility and ensuring the facility is protected.

FareShare is currently building the charity kitchen in Morningside, Brisbane, which will feed 1 million hungry Queenslanders in its first year of operation, with the capacity to create 5 million meals per year. The kitchen was designed and delivered by Wiley at cost and is nearing completion, with the official opening approaching in early October.

FareShare, who has partnered with Foodbank to source and distribute the meals has been working closely with Wiley since a chance meeting at an industry event last year. Kellie, FareShare’s Queensland Director even spent a few months working from the Wiley Brisbane office. It’s a great partnership with Wiley and FareShare as it aligns perfectly to Wiley’s values and it also speaks to one of Wiley’s core focus areas of food. Wiley has also supported Foodbank for many years too.

Wiley Managing Director, Tom said, “Giving back to the community is part of who we are at Wiley and at the core of our values. Not only did we work together to make the FareShare kitchen safer for everyone that visits and works there, we also had a blast. I am proud of my team giving up time away from their families and taking the opportunity to live our values and make a difference for FareShare. It was also a fantastic opportunity for our team to spend time with people from all areas of the company, learn new skills and have some fun! I’m really looking forward to the opening of the kitchen next month.”

STOMMPY Bollards and guard rails installed at the Morningside facility will improve passive safety and reduce the high costs of workplace accidents and infrastructural damage.

FareShare QLD Director, Kellie Watson said; “We’re thrilled with the community support the kitchen has received before we’ve even opened. Wiley has done a fantastic job rallying generous assistance internally and from local businesses and contractors too. This is a great outcome for the whole state.”