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In the current uncertain environment, there is a renewed global push for food security, domestic food production and reduced reliance on imports. With this comes an increase in demand for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for land-based aquaculture solutions. A new aquaculture team has formed from industry veterans to help the aquaculture industry to continue with the sustainable growth needed to feed 9.5 billion people by 2050.

SmartAqua and Wiley, with Australian bases and a global footprint, have teamed up, combining decades of international experience in the aquafarming and seafood processing sector to provide turnkey services for land-based aquaculture, recirculating aquaculture systems project management, processing plant design, and construction. SmartAqua has a 26-year history in aquaculture consulting around the globe, with a growing focus on land-based farming and processing operations. Wiley has navigated the food facility project delivery business for over a century with a large, experienced engineering, design, and delivery team.

The team is working on multiple projects with some larger players in the RAS space, as well as existing sea cage operators. They have seen international travel restrictions due to COVID-19 cause a massive decline in seafood import and export – both from the supply and demand side. As a result, we have seen a global push for domestic food production for food security as countries can no longer rely on the import market.

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Andrew Newby

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