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Welcome to the Wiley team.

We take our culture very seriously and believe it is essential to our success.

To ensure we empower you and prepare you for an amazing start, one of our team will take you through the following key aspects or our culture in detail.


Thanks for taking the time to explore what we believe in, the values we share, our traditions and our shared history. This is the Wiley anthropology. It is a living, breathing space created to document and share our evolving culture. This is both who we are and who we aspire to be. Everyone in our community contributes—each of us, our clients, our partners, our local communities and those we look forward to welcoming in the future.


“This is not what we do, this is who we are together.”


Our Purpose

Our Values

Our Code

Our Proverbs

Our Facebook Group

Diversity and Inclusion

The Sum of Us

A Sustainable Future

What we and you should expect from our Leaders


Please open and follow our social feeds on Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram contributing, sharing and liking posts on social media is part of being one of our team members as it shares our culture and fosters our “Sense of Community’ value.

Hopefully now you are well on your way to deeply understanding who we are together.

Please take the time to explore the rest of our culture website and hopefully soon submit something to contribute your part to who we are together.

Our Culture Champions

Aisling Spillane

Chief People Officer

Tom Wiley

Executive Chairman